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Universal Application

No matter the curriculum in your current academic setting, Study Technology training offers proven teaching strategies and resources that can help resolve classroom issues and improve student achievement. It can be easily incorporated into any set of instructions or curriculum design because it provides an essential underpinning that enhances all educational efforts by focusing on how students learn.

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Professional Training Programs

Since 1972, Applied Scholastics has been offering training courses to educators, teachers, parents and students. In 2003, to meet the global demand for Study Technology, Applied Scholastics opened its residential campus at Spanish Lake,

near St. Louis, Missouri. This 100-acre training campus is the site of the first institute

of Study Technology, the Applied Scholastics Educator Training Institute.

Training at the campus provides professional educators with commanding tools, interactive learning strategies and teaching techniques with which to create and provide an optimum knowledge base and learning environment. 


Helping students achieve better grades and improve academic performance will always be a priority goal for any educator. Our goal is to provide you the skills and know-how to create and foster independent, life-long learners who can apply the information they study to help them be successful in all of their future endeavors.


Our success is measured in the ever-growing number of educators who have learned and utilized Study Technology to empower their students to be all they can be. Educators from around the world have implemented the training they received in Study Technology to create lasting change from primary level through higher education.

Don't take our word for it, see what educators have to say.


Measurable Outcomes

The application of Study Technology in any educational setting, and infused within any curriculum, consistently shows improvements in student outcomes. How can this be? It’s actually quite simple. When an educator provides their students with the vital skill of how to learn and how to study, the limits to their educational goals become limitless – they realize they can learn anything they want to learn and be anything they dream to be. 


Classroom Materials

Want to get started right away?  No problem!  

We have a variety of classroom materials to help you lead your students through the basics of how to study. All you need is a Teacher’s Manual and a set of corresponding student books and you're ready to start - it’s THAT easy! Do you want younger students to get the benefits of Study Technology as they are learning to read with phonics instruction? We have a full curriculum K-4 Reading & Phonics Program that you are sure to love.

Educator Package


Now available in this newly released 5-book package!

Have questions?

Looking for help to remedy a specific problem?  Give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the right book.

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