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What IS Study Tech

Study Technology

The Trouble With Study

Everyone seems to agree that study is important. Students are told they must study in order to do well and go far in life. When they have trouble understanding something or get confused, they are simply instructed to study harder and longer and that will handle any difficulty.
The trouble is, students are never actually taught how to study?

There is an actual technology of study and how to learn.

It is research based. 

It is simple to learn. 

It is simple to apply. 

It encompasses all learning styles.

It is effective. 

It is called Study Technology.

What is Study Technology?

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L. Ron Hubbard found that the lack of an effective technology of study and learning was preventing an understanding of the material being studied. 

On the larger stage, it was also becoming apparent that the deficiencies in contemporary educational practices were leading to increasing rates of functional illiteracy and generating mounting social problems. With an interest in addressing both situations, he embarked on a program of personal research into the subjects of learning, study and education.  

The product of that research effort, coupled with his earlier discoveries, is Study Technology.

Mr. Hubbard later gifted the fruits of his educational research and discoveries to Applied Scholastics, a secular charitable educational organization.  


Study Technology is the fundamental element in Applied Scholastics training. Study Technology is designed to bring about mastery of the subject of study itself. It is not a memorization technique, phonetic reading program or other “study aid.”

It encompasses a wide range of discoveries by L. Ron Hubbard on the subject of how individuals learn, made over the course of some four decades of experience as an educator. From these discoveries came actual technologies—procedures and methods that give one the means to grasp any subject.

Mr. Hubbard’s writings provide unique insights into the underlying causes of student behavior. Why do students drop out? Why do so many students say without hesitation that they “hate school?” What causes a student to lose interest in a subject, to become frustrated and unable to concentrate, to go blank? Why are students unable to apply the things they have learned at work or in life?

Mr. Hubbard’s research focused on basic laws and principles that could resolve any study difficulty, no matter how hopeless it might appear. These discoveries have enabled hundreds of thousands of students to gain control of their education.


The Applied Scholastics Educator Training Institute Campus

Study Technology is an exact learning system that, if taught and used exactly, can achieve unprecedented results in education by helping students to learn how to learn and how to apply what they have learned.

Barriers to Learning



Absence of Mass

When a student studies a subject without having the actual things present, he will have trouble as the material will not be real to him —

the student will have an absence

of mass. 


The mass of a subject refers to the parts of that subject which are composed of matter and energy and which exist in the material universe.

Too Steep A Gradient

Learning something is best done with a gradual approach, step by step, level by level. This would be called learning something on a gradient. 


However, when a person hits too steep a gradient in studying a subject, a sort of a confusion or

a reelingness results.

Misunderstood Word

A student who reads past a word he does not fully understand will not have a complete understanding of the subject he is studying. 


This would be a misunderstood word; one that is not understood, or wrongly understood.  This is the most important of the three barriers, as it is the one that can make a person stop studying and quit.



Learning How To Learn

Introduces the younger student to the three barriers to study, with the exact steps to take to recognize and handle them.

*Also available as a home-study course

Study Skills For Life

Presents the basic elements of Study Technology to students with a 7th-grade or higher reading level.

*Also available as a home-study course

Basic Study Manual

An in-depth presentation of Study Technology. Learn the reasons for  academic failures, as well as how to identify the barriers to learning  and vital remedies.

*Also available as a home-study course

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