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About Us

The mission of Applied Scholastics is to provide effective educational services and materials based on the breakthrough Study Technology developed by author and educator

L. Ron Hubbard.

​Study Technology teaches individuals how to learn and thereby master any subject with full comprehension and application, enabling them to achieve their full potential.

Applied Scholastics trains teachers and students at all levels. It works with and through schools, community leaders, governments and like-minded institutions to bring about a revitalization in the field of education.



Since 1972, Applied Scholastics has been offering training courses to educators, teachers, parents and students, opening the doors of opportunity for millions of children and adults by implementing effective educational programs in a vast array of settings.  


In 2003, to meet the global demand for Study Technology, Applied Scholastics opened its residential campus at Spanish Lake, near St. Louis, Missouri. This 100-acre training campus is the site of the first institute of Study Technology, the Applied Scholastics Educator Training Institute.


Teachers and administrators from public and private schools, tutors, corporate business trainers and educational consultants come to Spanish Lake from around the world for training. Whether one wishes to open a new Applied Scholastics Learning Center, school or community program, or learn the skills and knowledge to improve their results in one’s own educational setting, Applied Scholastics has the right service to help.

Campus entrance HQ without edges.png

Training at the campus provides professional educators with commanding tools, interactive learning strategies and teaching techniques with which to create and provide an optimum knowledge base and learning environment. 


Applied Scholastics training doesn’t just provide an understanding of the theory of Study Technology. One leaves with a complete mastery of the application of techniques that enable students to become more accountable, self-directed and self-advocating.


We welcome people of all races and creeds to our international training center to learn these educational breakthroughs that make study an effective route to grasping new ideas and gaining new abilities.

Applied Scholastics Spanish Lake is a non-religious, independent, non-profit public benefit corporation and serves as the premiere training campus for Applied Scholastics International and its vast network of licensed schools and centers.

The Institute is certified to operate as a postsecondary, proprietary school by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development.

Campus & Facilities

Applied Scholastics Educator Training Institute is located in the Spanish Lake area of St. Louis, Missouri.  Here, on our 100-acre campus situated only five miles from the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, is the site of the first institute of Study Technology.  Our Institute trains teachers as well as tutors, corporate trainers, curriculum developers and educational consultants. Additionally, our campus Learning Center delivers academic repair and tutoring services to local children and families in our surrounding community.


Services available at the Spanish Lake campus range from workshops, conventions and basic courses to advanced teaching strategies and tools. Instruction is self-paced. Thus, trainees may begin a course at any time and, with expert supervision by skilled instructors, progress at their own speed. Trainees remain on study until course objectives are achieved.

Three campus course rooms accommodate more than 350 trainees. Lodging is available in over 120 comfortably furnished rooms with in-house laundry facilities and lounges. Trainees looking for on-campus accommodations can choose from private, shared and dormitory accommodations at an affordable cost to fit any budget and length of stay.

The sun-filled dining hall serves three wholesome meals each day to faculty and trainees alike and our canteen offers sundries and between-meal refreshments.

Our 300-seat auditorium accommodates a variety of functions including lectures, workshops, graduation ceremonies and banquets.

For trainees traveling by airplane to the Institute, complimentary shuttle service to and from the St. Louis airport is provided.

Campus & Facilities

What Educators Say

Our success is measured in the ever growing number of educators who have learned and utilized Study Technology to empower their students to be all they can be.  Don't take our word for it, see what the experts say.



The test of any methodology or technology is whether it gets results. In our fast-paced society of continual progress and new achievement, the demand for educational programs that facilitate learning, conceptual understanding and real-world application is greater than ever.


The application of Study Technology in any educational setting and infused within any curriculum consistently shows improvements in student outcomes.


Recognitions and Appreciation

The contributions of Applied Scholastics and L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology to the fields of literacy and learning have changed the lives of millions across the globe.


Applied Scholastics receives letters of recognition and endorsements from educators, as well as government officials and community leaders in acknowledgement of both its programs and the power of Study Technology.


Grand Opening Video

Watch the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Applied Scholastics International Training Center in Spanish Lake on July 26, 2003.

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