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I had the pleasure of meeting recently with the leader of the Applied Scholastics team that conducted students and educators workshops in Kakata over the past week as part of your African Literacy Project.


I understand that by all reports from participants, these workshops introduced the Study Technology by an American writer and innovator Mr. L. Hubbard was a great success. As a result of those presentations, I understand Applied Scholastics is planning to establish a permanent Literacy and Teacher Training Center in the City.


We welcome this effort and any other resources you have to offer. Uplifting the educational level of our citizens is a top priority for us. Having Applied Scholastics with us in this endeavor, it would be most appreciated.


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Hon. Emmanuel M. Goll, Sr.

Mayor of Kakata City, Republic of Liberia

"Administration of the Department of  Education of Shevchenkivskyi District Council in Dnipro City expresses gratitude to Applied Scholastics Office in Ukraine for the high level of organization and conduction of social work among pupils using Study Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.


All activities, methodically substantiated and informative, are carried out on a high professional level, in an accessible and interesting form. Positive responses confirm the students’ admiration for the social projects of the center.


Department of Education of Shevchenkivskyi District Council in Dnipro City is planning to cooperate with the center, expand forms and methods of work, communication and mutual assistance."

O.M. Dobrianska

Head of Department of Education

Shevchenkivskyi District Council Dnipro City, Ukraine


"I am pleased to communicate to you the official approval of the College Academic Board–the highest academic policy decision making body in the College–of the introduction of the Study Technology into the Curriculum for all the students in the College.


Upon reports of the impact of the Study Technology on the study habits of students in Primary Education Department and the positive reports from teachers in the College who were privileged to be involved in the training of the students, the Academic Board of the College decided to make basic trainings in Study Technology as curriculum requirement for its students.


This provision is to be an addition to the provisions in the Minimum Standards by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCEE) and the National Universities Commission (NUC) provisions for the Bachelor of Education degree students.


The College places high value on the benefits of Study Technology for its staff and students who are teachers in training and will do all within its capacity to cause the Study Technology to thrive even beyond the confines of the College."

D.M. Haruna

Deputy Registrar (Senior establishment)

Federal College of Education Pankshin, Nigeria


"I understand the purpose of your organisation is to provide effective educational services and materials based on the breakthrough Study Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. I have studied one book on Study Technology and saw the efficacy of Study Technology and gave a speech at the graduation of Samoan Police Officers who completed a course in The Technology of Study last year. I note that Applied Scholastics with Study Technology as not just another system but a workable methodology that makes it possible for a person to recognise and handle the barriers to successful study. It is also especially effective in learning English as a second language.


Based on my personal experience and the feedback from Samoan police officers, fire officers, principals, teachers, students, mayors (pulenu’us), traditional chiefs (matais) and the general public, I have no hesitation to give my full support for Applied Scholastics to roll out Study Technology throughout the public education system in Samoa. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture will benefit greatly from your materials and training.


I wish to thank you for choosing Samoa as one of the countries in your area of responsibility. I wish you success in your work in Samoa."

Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi

Prime Minister Samoa

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"Upon your request concerning reviewing the books related to the Technology of Study as developed by L. Ron Hubbard: Basic Study Manual, Learning How to Learn, Study Skills for Life, How to Use a Dictionary—Picture Book for Children (in English and Arabic), we have the pleasure to inform you that in our review we find that the above mentioned books are helpful for the improvement of learning skills. All above titles are pertaining to an educational method called Technology of Study, which has the purpose of solving problems of students of any subject. These books do not comprise any religious ideas or preachings. We have no objection to put them in publishing and circulation."

General Secretary Ali Abdul Baki

General Dept for Research, Writing and Translation

Al-Azhar El-Sharief Islamic Research Academy, Egypt

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I have had the privilege and honor of working with Applied Scholastics for a better part of these 30 years. Concurrently with my work for UNESCO, I served as a high school principal for 30 years. I have always cared about the well-being of each individual child being taught. I had worked closely with members of the Swedish royal family in the field of education. Suffice it to say, children and their education is important to me, in accordance with their view of life and individual conditions. When I came upon Applied Scholastics, I was immediately interested, as I had then found out that Applied Scholastics is a hyper modern study method, which is a further development of the international educator Johan Amos Comenius, on whose entire human ideology UNESCO is based. I directly observed study technology in Applied Scholastics schools. Here is an educational system that addressed the individual needs of every child as an individual person. Not a mass educational machine turning out homogeneous graduates. I saw students who were learning at their own pace, who could apply what they were learning and who were routinely getting a 100% pass rate. As an educator I wanted to validate my observations through research and analysis. I personally carried out an in-depth study of L. Ron Hubbard’s educational technology and philosophy in action, and my data revealed what I had already seen. The Applied Scholastics materials and pedagogy are exceptional and every teacher, every student, every school can benefit from this. Sweden needs you, Scandinavia needs you and I would say that Europe and the world needs these educational tools. Applied Scholastics has pioneered this revolutionary method around the world and has become an international movement in a very short amount of time. Mr. Hubbard and Applied Scholastics are the contemporary embodiment of democratic, student centered education. 

Bertil Perrson, ThD, FRSA

National Chancellor International Association of  Educators for World Peace (UNESCO)  

Awarded Top 100 Educators 2005-2008 by Cambridge President em. Swedish Dyslexia Association

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