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Educator Training


Applied Scholastics training doesn’t just provide an understanding of the theory of Study Technology. One leaves with a complete mastery of the application of techniques that enable students to become more accountable, self-directed and self-advocating.


All training includes practical drills and the opportunity to work with the tools of Study Technology, so that one becomes comfortable and certain in teaching or tutoring with them. 

All courses provided at the Applied Scholastics Educator Training Institute are based on the secular educational discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard and provide trainees with practical tools that can easily be incorporated into any educational activity—from classroom instruction and curriculum design to employee training or homeschooling. Study Technology provides a stable foundation enhancing all educational efforts.  

Trainees attending the Institute may enroll in individual courses or in a program. The Institute’s courses and programs are designed so that each student can progress at his or her own pace.  Students establish and maintain a schedule for Instructor-supervised study, then progress through the materials while under the supervision of a professional Course Instructor. This design permits students to start and complete within their busy schedules, while ensuring rigor and accountability.


The Institute’s courses and programs are offered for continuing education and professional development purposes only and are not credit-bearing. Students completing the Institute’s programs will not receive any credit transferable to another postsecondary institution. Trainees will receive continuing education units (CEU’s) for successfully completed courses and those successfully completing one of the Institute’s certificate programs also will receive a certificate of completion.

The Registrar can help you to determine which individual course, training package or certification program best fits your needs and application.  Below is a sampling of popular training packages.  

Fundamental Training APS.png


A five course line-up that covers the fundamental skills every educator must know and apply in order to effectively assist their students to overcome academic challenges and succeed in school.

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Creating an Ideal Education Scene

A two course line-up that includes Study Tech training as well as a comprehensive course on how to create an ideal education environment to help students become self-motivated and self-directed learners enthusiastic about attaining their educational goals.

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Applied Scholastics Certified Trainer


The complete training and apprenticeship needed to become certified to deliver all but advanced Applied Scholastics courses, including the ability to train and certify other

Applied Scholastics trainers.

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Applied Scholastics ESL Trainer

Learn how to teach English effectively to older students and adults for whom English is a foreign language. You will create students who are capable of speaking and studying in English which will help them succeed better in school, on the job and in life!   

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Sponsor A Teacher Campaign

Let's Train Teachers!  Are you tired of hearing about how education is failing our students?

Are you looking for a way to make a real, lasting impact on the education system?

Join Applied Scholastics in our Sponsor-A-Teacher fundraising campaign.  By helping us to train teachers in Study Technology, you can make a BIG difference!

Ready to start planning your training and arrival?

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