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Educator Training

Applied Scholastics Training:



The courses listed below are the fundamentals any teacher or tutor needs to be able to remedy a struggling student as well as help increase the comprehension and academic achievement of all students.


Training Objective: To improve the ability to conceive of and create an educational ideal using breakthrough insights into learning, education and children.

Education: Fostering Reason and Self-Determinism
Course Length: 40 hours

Course Cost: $400
Course Materials Cost: $54.95

Study Tools Educ cover cropped.png

Training Objective: An educator who has gained an understanding of and an ability to use the fundamentals of Study Technology, is equipped with multiple tools for targeting learning barriers, and is able to apply this acquired knowledge to develop purposeful, effective lesson plans that avoid these barriers.

Study Tools for Educations
Course Length: 24 hours

Course Cost: $250
Course Materials Cost: $40

Ready to start planning your training and arrival?

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