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Educator Training

Applied Scholastics Training:



The Applied Scholastics Course Instructor Certificate Program is for those who are supervising students or training others in an Applied Scholastics school or training center and certifies one to train other Applied Scholastics Instructors.  The Course Instructor Certificate Program enables one to create a cooperative learning environment where you and your students can engage in learning partnerships, while overcoming barriers to learning and achieving mutual goals.


As the final component of this certification program trainees undergo a faculty-supervised apprenticeship where one applies what has been learned in an actual educational environment.

Program Training Objectives and Outcomes:
        • Ability to train and instruct others in the self-paced, individualized checksheet methodology of Study Technology
        • Ability to train others on approved Applied Scholastics courses
        • Ability to manage a classroom utilizing Study Technology effectively and to train others to do same
        • Ability to train others to apply competently and confidently what they have learned in their studies
        • Ability to present learning material in a manner that increases understanding
        • Ability to use communication to obtain cooperation and engagement from students in training
        • Ability to use Study Technology to rapidly assess, diagnose and remedy barriers to learning in any training environment
        • Ability to present learning material in a manner that increases understanding

The program is comprised of the specific courses set out below, which are delivered through a combination of self-paced, Instructor-supervised study in the classroom, and supervised practicals.


Training Objective: An introduction to an educational philosophy that when applied in teaching facilitates a learning environment where students are self-determined and able to absorb, use and evolve their knowledge.

Teaching: A New Approach
Course Length: 8 hours

Course Cost: $75
Course Materials Cost: $29.95

Study Tools Educ cover cropped.png

Training Objective: An educator who has gained an understanding of and an ability to use the fundamentals of Study Technology, is equipped with multiple tools for targeting learning barriers, and is able to apply this acquired knowledge to develop purposeful, effective lesson plans that avoid these barriers.

Study Tools for Educators
Course Length: 24 hours

Course Cost: $250
Course Materials Cost: $40

Adv Study Tools Educ cover cropped.png

Training Objective: To provide educators with advanced tools they may use to teach more efficiently and to enhance the learning of their students. Trainees gain tools to increase student comprehension and application of what is being learned, acquire laser-precise techniques to assist new readers and semi-literates, and the skills necessary to teach students how to recognize and overcome their own learning barriers.

Advanced Study Tools for Educators
Course Length: 24 hours

Course Cost: $250
Course Materials Cost: $40

Comm Skills Cover-front.jpg

Training Objective: A student with a greater ability to communicate effectively with anyone, and who has increased confidence and competence in his/her ability to understand others and be understood by them.

Communication Skills
Course Length: 32 hours

Course Cost: $400
Course Materials Cost: $30

Fundamentals of Instruction cover cropped.png

Training Objective: An educator trained as a Course Instructor of the Study Technology method of training others, who is able to help his/her students to learn effectively and to apply what they learn with certainty.

Fundamentals of Instruction
Course Length: 80 hours

Course Cost: $750
Course Materials Cost: $35

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