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Educator Training

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Applied Scholastics Training:


The courses listed below are the fundamentals any teacher or tutor needs to be able to remedy a struggling student as well as help increase the comprehension and academic achievement of all students.


Training Objective: An introduction to an educational philosophy that when applied in teaching facilitates a
environment where students are self-determined and able to absorb, use and evolve their knowledge.

Teaching: A New Approach
Course Length: 8 hours

Course Cost: $75
Course Materials Cost: $29.95


Training Objective: To provide a teacher with specific skills that can be used to increase a student’s ability to understand and apply what is being taught.

Progressive Teaching Tools
Course Length: 20-24 hours

Course Cost: $250
Course Materials Cost: $38

Coaching & Checkouts cover-flat_edited.jpg

Training Objective: A student who knows how to perform effective checkouts and demonstrations, and can coach another student in his studies.

Coaching & Checkouts
Course Length: 6-8 hours

Course Cost: $75
Course Materials Cost: $21

Comm Crs Cover-acrobat_edited.jpg

Training Objective: A student with a greater ability to communicate effectively with anyone, and who has increased confidence and competence in his/her ability to understand others and be understood by them.

Communication Course
Course Length: 16 hours

Course Cost: $200
Course Materials Cost: $40

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Training Objective: A tutor/teacher who has acquired the basic tools to teach a beginning student to read, and for an older student functioning below grade level, to assess and remediate their reading skills in order to close the gap of student achievement.

Teaching Modern Phonics
Course Length: 24 hours

Course Cost: $300
Course Materials Cost: $179

(includes all course materials as well as delivery materials and student readers)

Ready to start planning your training and arrival?

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