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Applied Scholastics Training:


English as a Second Language (ESL) training has become increasingly important in preparing students for today’s world. English skills are needed by those who work in international commerce and services, fields that are growing in today’s interconnected global economy. Further, migrations of people to English-speaking countries have resulted in millions of people who urgently need to be competent in the language of their new home.

Study Technology is key to the rapid mastery of a new language. Applied Scholastics offers a widely used, highly successful ESL program that uses Study Technology tools to guide students through the challenges of mastering the English language and trains teachers to deliver the ESL program with Study Technology.

For almost 20 years, the Applied Scholastics ESL program has been utilized to meet work force and teacher training demands around the world, changing a sometimes difficult and dry subject into an interactive and lively activity, where students are able to immediately apply what they are learning to rapidly master the English language. In Taiwan, Japan, Hungary, Russia, Brazil, Czech Republic and Ukraine, tens of thousands of business professionals and teachers have been trained in English.

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  • Proven classroom procedures and essential data on how to teach a language.

  •  Spotting and handling of study barriers with students.

  •  Lesson plans include how to teach writing, reading, listening and speaking skills, as well as when and how to handle grammar.

  • Ability to teach students to become competent English speakers.

  • Emphasis on students practicing speaking English and participating in conversations with other students.

  • Lesson plans follow a natural gradient of language skills starting with words for familiar objects followed by simple sentences, more words and into complex sentences.

  • Sentence patterns and examples that can be used in real life communication.


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1. Teacher Training Manual and Course
Covers the subject of teaching any language based on L. Ron Hubbard’s research and advices.

2. Supplemental Materials
A 200-page book contains all the materials needed including initial placement tests, a variety of very specific drills, posters, stories, examinations and reproducible materials.

3. Lesson Plans for 6 Levels of Instruction

Each level has about 15 daily lessons with emphasis on speaking easily recognized sentence patterns. Listening and understanding is taught by modeling proper usage.

4. Introductory Lesson

Is used to enlighten potential students and present the teaching method. It demonstrates why students who failed to learn English elsewhere will succeed here. This lesson has been utilized worldwide and is very effective in helping potential students enroll.

5. Barriers to Study Seminar

This introduction to Study Technology is presented to students in their native language. They will be introduced to our learning method and then apply it in their studies.

6. Illustrated Small Words Glossary

Fully illustrated and designed for the beginning reader or ESL student, this glossary is an introduction to the small English words that are often misunderstood.

7. Illustrated English Grammar Words Glossary

Fully illustrated, this glossary presents the basic definitions of the most fundamental English grammar terms so students gain complete understanding.

8. Start-Up Manual and Course

Detailed instructions are provided on how to create your own promotion, how to set up classrooms, other centers’, successful actions and virtually everything you need to learn and do to get your ESL School successfully launched. The “Training for the Administrator” write-up includes a startup checklist, organization pattern, initial statistics, public relations training, detailed registration advice and reproducible promotional materials.

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ESL Teacher Training Course

Price: $1500

Prerequisites: Study Skills for Life

or Basic Study Manual and Communication Skills

Materials Cost: $1150 


Training Manual

Supplemental Materials including placement tests, drills, posters

Full Lesson Plans for 6 levels of English

Introductory Lesson

Barriers to Study Seminar Script

Illustrated Small Words Glossary

Illustrated English Grammar Words Glossary

Ready to start planning your training and arrival?

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