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For students of any age, Learning How To Learn is a great introduction to the three barriers to study and how to identify and remedy them so learning is easy and enjoyable. 


Study Skills For Life is recommended for students at or above a 7th grade reading level and provides a bit more comprehensive data on how to recognize and remedy problems with study.  This is a perfect choice for high school and college students whether they have had some study problems in the past or are looking for an effective way to boost their academic achievement.


The ability to effectively use a dictionary as an everyday tool for learning is one of the most important skills every student should have.  How To Use A Dictionary helps one understand how to navigate a dictionary so as to understand the meanings of words and how they are used. If poor comprehension has been a problem in the past, this book will provide the tools necessary to remedy problems with understanding.


Learning How To Learn

Introduces the younger student to the three barriers to study, with the exact steps to take to recognize and handle them.


Learning How To Learn


Students fail to learn because no one has ever taught them how to learn — how to identify the barriers to learning and how to overcome them.


Introduces readers to the three barriers to study, with the exact steps to take to recognize and handle them.


Study Skills For Life

Presents the basic elements of Study Technology to students with a 7th-grade or higher reading level, teaching them the three barriers to  study, how to recognize them and how to prevent and resolve them when they occur.


Gives any student the tools to become an independent lifelong learner.


How To Use A Dictionary

A dictionary is an almost universally overlooked fundamental in learning, yet its full use is priceless. Through pictures and words, this book teaches children how to use a dictionary, providing them with an invaluable tool for comprehension and the means to a powerful vocabulary. 

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