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Success Stories


“When I first entered education, I didn’t have the tools of Study Technology. I used to wonder why my students wouldn’t listen or didn’t seem to have the ability to concentrate. Sometimes they just couldn’t grasp things, no matter how much I explained it. Then I discovered Study Technology and the effects of the misunderstood word and it opened up  my eyes. I could see the answer to all the problems of my class. I introduced it to them and their whole attitude changed. They became happy and eager students. They didn’t want to leave at the end of the day.” 



“Well, we did it again! Our eight graders’ math scores are up, and their English Language Arts scores, which had already risen nicely last  year with your help, were not just maintained this year: they were  increased to a higher level of proficiency…"


“So, thank you once again … for all the support you have given me and  my staff—and especially the students—these past two years. I’ve said it before, but will say it again: I am so grateful that our mayor found out about your program and got your agreement to come to our school in time to assist me with the task of turning the academic scene around at Prescott. I know it would have been considerably more difficult without your assistance. The children were not just seriously deficient in their academic basics; they were also missing essential learning tools with which to help themselves repair the situation. You addressed those  situations with your wonderful Applied Scholastics Achievement Program. You not only saved lives, you saved a community of learners."

Principal, Louisiana

“Trained with the Applied Scholastics Study Technology, I now have a method of learning which can be used by all students and adults who wish to get something truly meaningful from study. Now I am using the techniques in my classroom and the retention rate of  vocabulary and basic sight words is tremendous. My students are the proof that this really works.”


Elementary School Teacher


“My son went from hating school, sloppy penmanship, not doing homework or reading, to being excited about school, taking pride in his writing and actually reading outside school hours! Study Technology really does work and puts the student in charge of their studies.”


“My daughter was quite exasperated and frustrated with her math and reading. After her tutoring in Study Technology she passed her tests with flying colors. Her own self-confidence in her studies has quadrupled. She is now a very happy student and has recently been placed on the Honor Roll!”


"The Basic Study Manual course was full of exceptional information that can be used by anyone. It has given me renewed hope that the ignorance in the world can be remedied. I will use this data for myself to excel in all that I do. I will use this data with my kids and teach them this data so they can reach their full potential, and by setting an example, help other children to reach theirs as well. I will definitely share what I have learned with all who I can."


"WOW! Great information. I have found a treasure in the Basic Study Manual.  I have learned so much valuable information that I can apply in my everyday life. I homeschool and now I can recognize the barriers my children are showing and because of this I also have the answers to help them overcome them!!"


"Finally, I can recognize why studying and reading books always put me to sleep! I can work with my new knowledge and I know it will be very useful, not just for me but for my son and others I work with, and I can see and recognize what is stalling their studies. Thank you."



“School had been very difficult for me and I was just barely making a passing grade. I was always upset and frustrated. Then I did an Applied  Scholastics course called Study Skills for Life. I never had so much drive and I had never been so excited about studying. After doing that course and applying Study Technology I enjoyed studying everything. I then did the Basic Study Manual course and I moved faster than ever on my studies. Study Technology has given me the tools to make my dreams become reality.” 

High School Student

“The Study Technology and the abilities that I have gained from the courses that I have done  are unbelievable. I took the Grammar and Communication Course in Grade 10 and I have been getting straight As ever since. Not only have the courses helped my education, but I raised my self-esteem and confidence tremendously.” 

High School Student

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