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Summer Activities


You can almost hear the collective joy of school children all over the country as they cheer for the long lazy days of summer fun! While it’s important for kids to be able to enjoy the additional not-so-structured free time that the summer months offer, it’s just as important for them to be engaged in productive activities that move their bodies, fuel their imagination and enhance their abilities. 


Let’s face it, if left to their own choosing, most kids would be perfectly fine spending these precious summer months indoors glued to their devices. They may still be kids, but a summer vacation from school should never mean a vacation from learning new things and gaining new skills.

1. Go outside and play! Rinse! Repeat!

Yes, mom, that means YOU too!

2. Build something! Anything!

Preferably outside and using “old-fashioned" tools like hammers, nails and a hand-saw. 


Yeah, you should probably participate in this one too.

3. Learn how to take care of a small pet

Kids love to pretend they are grown-up. What’s more grown up than taking care of something smaller than you, who needs care? 


Have your child do a little research and learn about how to care for an animal that they are interested in (and can take care of without much expense and investment).


This is a great way to help your child learn responsibility, as well as gain a sense of pride for keeping a happy, healthy little critter.

4. Keep their skills sharp

Unless one has mastered a concept or skill, the old adage applies: use it or lose it. To keep basic concepts in use over summer months, find interesting ways and play fun games that incorporate and reinforce what they have already learned.


Teach them to play Yahtzee or Monopoly (any game where you have to count or keep points), try out mini-golf and have them keep score, or bake a cake and have them follow the recipe and do the measuring. 

Most any activity can be used to help reinforce what they already know and help them build on those skills in real-world situations.

5. Have a picnic (our favorite) 

Relax, the kids will do all the work.


Have your child plan the menu and prepare a full picnic for the rest of the family. PB&J with crusts cut off, potato chips and some lemonade may not be gourmet, but kids love to imagine and create fun experiences.


Hosting a picnic is not only a fun activity that is sure to keep them busy (the decorations and napkin holders alone are a half-day project), but it’s a great way for them to do something nice in preparing a meal for you.


The simplicity of learning just consists of finding out about new things and finding new ways to do something. We think that summer learning is arguably the BEST and most FUN learning opportunity there is!


If you need any help with summer learning activities or find that your child requires more focused attention to help improve their reading or math skills over the summer months, just give our Learning Center a call!


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